HTTP Status Messages

HTML Error Messages

In this article, we will focus on HTTP status messages. It is possible for web servers to return an error code such as “404 Not Found” when requesting services from browsers.

HTML error messages are commonly used to describe these errors. HTTP status messages are what these messages are called.

Every time a request is made, the server always returns a message. An example of a 200 OK message is shown below.

The following are possible list of http status codes or HTTP status messages:

1xx: Information

101 Switching ProtocolsProtocol switching has been requested by the requester
103 Early Hints

This is used in conjunction with the Link header to allow the browser to begin preloading resources while the server prepares a response

100 Continue

Request headers have been received by the server, and the client should proceed to send the request body

2xx: Successful (http response status code)

201 Created

There is a new resource created after the request has been fulfilled

202 Accepted

There was no confirmation that the request would be processed, but it has been accepted for processing in HTTP status

200 OK

There was no error (this is the standard response for HTTP requests that have been successful)

203 Non-Authoritative Information

Successfully processed, but returning information from another source

205 Reset Content

There is no content returned from the request, and the requester must reset the document view.

206 Partial Content

Due to a range header sent by the client, the server is only delivering part of the resource

204 No Content

There is no content returned after the request has been processed successfully

3xx: Redirection

301 Moved PermanentlyThis page has moved to a new address as it comes to HTTP status
300 Multiple Choices

A link list. Clicking on a link will take the user to that location. Five addresses are allowed

303 See Other

A different URL can be used to access the requested page

302 Found

There has been a temporary change of URL for the requested page

308 Permanent Redirect

There has been a permanent change to the URL of the requested page

307 Temporary Redirect

We have temporarily moved the requested page to a new address

304 Not Modified

No changes have been made to the requested page since the last request

4xx: Client Error

401 Unauthorized

However, the server isn’t responding to a legal request. The authentication process can be used when the authentication process has failed or not yet been completed.

403 Forbidden

The server is refusing to respond to a legal request when it comes to HTTP status.

400 Bad Request

A bad syntax error prevents the request from being fulfilled.

406 Not Acceptable

Clients will only accept a response from the server if it is not accepted by them.

404 Not Found

It is possible that the requested page will be available again in the future.

402 Payment Required

To be used in the future.

407 Proxy Authentication Required

Authenticating with the proxy is the first step for the client.

405 Method Not Allowed

The page was requested using a request method it did not support.

409 ConflictA conflict in the request prevented the request from being completed.
408 Request Timeout

Waiting for the request, the server timed out.

410 Gone

It is no longer possible to access the requested page.

411 Length RequiredIt is not defined what “Content-Length” should be. Without it, the server won’t accept the request.
412 Precondition Failed

The server evaluated the precondition as false.

413 Request Too LargeDue to the size of the request entity, the server will not accept the request.
415 Unsupported Media Type

Due to an incompatible media type, the server will reject the request.

416 Range Not Satisfiable

A portion of the file has been requested, but the server is unable to provide it.

417 Expectation Failed

There is a problem with the server’s response-header, which does not meet the requirements.

414 Request-URI Too LongThe URI is too long, so the server will not accept the request. When you convert a POST request into a GET request with a long query.

5xx: Server Error

505 HTTP Version Not Supported

HTTP protocol version used in the request is not supported by the server

500 Internal Server Error

Messages given when more specific messages are not appropriate

502 Bad Gateway

An invalid response was received from the upstream server by the server acting as a gateway or proxy

503 Service Unavailable

There is a problem with the server (it is overloaded or down) at the moment

501 Not Implemented

Either the request method is unknown to the server, or the request cannot be fulfilled by the server in HTTP status

511 Network Authentication Required

To access the network, the client must authenticate

504 Gateway TimeoutAttempts were made to reach the upstream server, but the server did not respond in a timely manner

HTTP Status Messages Advantages

Following are the advantages of HTTP Status Messages:

  1. Clear Communication: HTTP status messages provide clear communication between the client and server regarding the status of the requested resource.
  2. Efficient Error Handling: HTTP status messages allow for efficient error handling, enabling the client to take appropriate action in case of errors or issues with the request.
  3. Troubleshooting: HTTP status messages provide valuable information about the status of the request, making it easier to troubleshoot issues.
  4. Server Monitoring: HTTP status messages can be used for server monitoring, providing information on server performance and identifying potential issues.
  5. Security: HTTP status messages can be used for security purposes, such as indicating when access is denied due to authentication or authorization issues.

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