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The purpose of this article is to examine the advantages of utilizing keyboard shortcuts and to furnish a collection of the most practical shortcuts for prevalent operating systems and software programs. By the conclusion of this piece, you will have an enhanced comprehension of how to leverage keyboard shortcuts to optimize your workflow and accomplish more efficiently.

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the most powerful and underutilized tools in a computer user’s arsenal. They allow you to perform common tasks quickly and efficiently, without the need to navigate through menus or use a mouse. Whether you’re a writer, programmer, or casual computer user, learning keyboard shortcuts can help you save time and increase productivity.

Mac And Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

The topic of discussion today is TRef KeyboardShortcuts . In today’s computers and applications, keyboard shortcuts are commonly used.

It is time-saving if you are familiar with and use keyboard shortcuts.

The following tables provide you with information about the Ref keyboardshortcuts.

Mac And Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Benefits

Keyboard shortcuts provide a proficient way to navigate computer operating systems and software applications, enabling faster task execution without requiring you to use a mouse. Both Mac and Windows operating systems include pre-installed keyboard shortcuts that can enhance productivity and save time.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac keyboard shortcuts are user-friendly and straightforward, designed to be easy to remember. An example of a Mac shortcut is Command+Shift+3, which is used to capture a screenshot. Additionally, Mac shortcuts can be tailored to your needs, allowing you to create your own shortcuts for frequently performed tasks.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Similarly, Windows keyboard shortcuts can help save time and boost productivity. Windows shortcuts such as Windows+D, used to minimize all windows and reveal the desktop, and Windows+E, which opens File Explorer, are among the most useful. Additionally, Windows shortcuts can be customized to fit your needs and create shortcuts for frequently used tasks.

Basic Shortcuts

OverviewWindowsMac OS
Edit menuAlt + ECtrl + F2 + F
Find and replace textCtrl + HCmd + F
New DocumentCtrl + NCmd + N
Open a fileCtrl + OCmd + O
File menuAlt + FCtrl + F2 + E
View menuAlt + VCtrl + F2 + V
Copy textCtrl + CCmd + C
Find textCtrl + FCmd + F
Print optionsCtrl + PCmd + P
Save fileCtrl + SCmd + S
Paste textCtrl + VCmd + V
Select all textCtrl + ACmd + A
Redo textCtrl + YShift + Cmd + Z
Undo textCtrl + ZCmd + Z
Cut textCtrl + XCmd + X

Text Editing

OverviewWindowsMac OS
Move to the start of the current lineHomeCmd + Left Arrow
Proceed to the last of the present lineEndCmd + Right Arrow
Cursor Movement
In Ref Keyboardshortcuts: move to the right or the start of the next line break.Right ArrowRight Arrow
Move to the start of the earlier wordCtrl + Left ArrowOption + Left Arrow
Move to the beginning of the new wordCtrl + Right ArrowOption + Right Arrow
Jump to the top of the documentCtrl + HomeCmd + Up Arrow
Follow the earlier line break or continue to the leftLeft ArrowLeft Arrow
Text Selection
In Ref Keyboardshortcuts: Choose left-handed characters Shift + Left ArrowShift + Left Arrow
In Ref Keyboardshortcuts: Choose right-handed characters Shift + Right ArrowShift + Right Arrow
Choose lines upwardsShift + Up ArrowShift + Up Arrow
Pick words to the rightShift + Ctrl + RightShift + Opt + Right
Choose paragraphs to the leftShift + Ctrl + UpShift + Opt + Up
Choose paragraphs to the rightShift + Ctrl + DownShift + Opt + Down
Choose text between the cursor and the start of the present lineShift + HomeCmd + Shift + Left Arrow
Choose text between the cursor and the bottom of the current lineShift + EndCmd + Shift + Right Arrow
Pick text between the cursor and the start of the documentShift + Ctrl + HomeCmd + Shift + Up Arrow or Cmd + Shift + Fn + Left Arrow
Pick text between the cursor and the bottom of the documentShift + Ctrl + EndCmd + Shift + Down Arrow or Cmd + Shift + Fn + Right Arrow
Choose one frame at a time of text on top of the cursorShift + Page UpShift + Fn + Up Arrow
Choose one frame at a time of text underneath the cursorShift + Page DownShift + Fn + Down Arrow
Select all textCtrl + ACmd + A
Find textCtrl + FCmd + F
Choose lines from the bottomShift + Down ArrowShift + Down Arrow
Pick words to the leftShift + Ctrl + LeftShift + Opt + Left
Jump to the bottom of the documentCtrl + EndCmd + Down Arrow
Get to the start of the line breakCtrl + Up ArrowCmd + Left Arrow
Proceed to the bottom of the line breakCtrl + Down ArrowCmd + Right Arrow
Step upward one framePage UpFn + Up Arrow
Take one row upUp ArrowUp Arrow
Move down one rowDown ArrowDown Arrow
Step downward one framePage DownFn + Down Arrow
Text Formatting
Copy text when it comes to Ref keyboardshortcutsCtrl + CCmd + C
Find and replace textCtrl + HCmd + F
Paste textCtrl + VCmd + V
Cut textCtrl + XCmd + X
In Ref Keyboardshortcuts, make chosen text boldCtrl + BCmd + B
Text Editing
Remove characters to the leftBackspaceBackspace
Remove characters to the rightDeleteFn + Backspace
Eliminate words to the rightCtrl + DelCmd + Backspace
Eliminate words to the leftCtrl + BackspaceCmd + Fn + Backspace
Outdent Shift + TabShift + Tab
Redo textCtrl + YShift + Cmd + Z
Undo textCtrl + ZCmd + Z
Make chosen text italicCtrl + ICmd + I
Underline selected textCtrl + UCmd + U
Transform selected text superscriptCtrl + Shift + =Cmd + Shift + =
Transform selected text subscriptCtrl + =Cmd + =

Web Browsers

OverviewWindowsMac OS
Navigate down a frameSpace or Page DownSpace or Fn + Down Arrow
Navigate up a frameShift + Space or Page UpShift + Space or Fn + Up Arrow
Move to the end of the pageEndCmd + Down Arrow
Move to the start of the page in Ref KeyboardshortcutsHomeCmd + Up Arrow
Move backAlt + Left Arrow or BackspaceCmd + Left Arrow
Move aheadAlt + Right Arrow or Shift + BackspaceCmd + Right Arrow
Reload a webpageF5Cmd + R
Reload a webpage (no cache)Ctrl + F5Cmd + Shift + R
Full-screen viewF11Cmd + Shift + F
Zoom inCtrl + +Cmd + +
Zoom outCtrl + –Cmd + –
Zoom 100% (default)Ctrl + 0Cmd + 0
Go to the homepageAlt + HomeOption + Home or Option + Fn + Left Arrow
Search text.Ctrl + FCmd + F
Tab / Window Management
Launch a new tabCtrl + TCmd + T
Terminate current tabCtrl + WCmd + W
Terminate all tabsCtrl + Shift + WCmd + Q
Eliminate all tabs except the active one.Ctrl + Alt + F4Cmd + Opt + W
Move to the next tab in Ref keyboardshortcutsCtrl + TabControl + Tab or Cmd + Shift + Right Arrow
Move to the previous tabCtrl + Shift + TabShift + Control + Tab or Cmd + Shift + Left Arrow
Jump to a particular tab numberCtrl + 1-8Cmd + 1-8
Return to the last tabCtrl + 9Cmd + 9
Reopen the former tab closedCtrl + Shift + TCmd + Shift + T
Create a new windowCtrl + NCmd + N
Close existing windowAlt + F4Cmd + W
Proceed to the next windowAlt + TabCmd + Tab
Return to the last windowAlt + Shift + TabCmd + Shift + Tab
Open up the most recently closed window in Ref KeyboardshortcutsCtrl + Shift + N
In the meantime, open links in a new tabCtrl + ClickCmd + Click
Create new tabs for links in the foreground.Ctrl + Shift + ClickCmd + Shift + Click
Print the present webpageCtrl + PCmd + P
Save the present webpageCtrl + SCmd + S
Address Bar
Change between a toolbar, a search bar, and a page elementTabTab
Visit your browser’s address barCtrl + L or Alt + DCmd + L
Locate and access the browser’s search barCtrl + ECmd + E / Cmd + K
Activate the address bar location in a new tabAlt + EnterOpt + Enter
In Ref Keyboardshortcuts, show a list of the formerly written addressesF4
Enter “www.” at the start and “.com” at the end of the text address bar (for example, type “mrexamples” and press Ctrl + Enter to access “”)Ctrl + EnterCmd + Enter or Control + Enter
In Ref Keyboardshortcuts, launch the bookmarks menuCtrl + BCmd + B
Create a bookmark for the active pageCtrl + DCmd + Opt + B or Cmd + Shift + B
Access browsing historyCtrl + HCmd + Shift + H or Cmd + Y
View download historyCtrl + JCmd + J or Cmd + Shift + J


OverviewWindowsMac OS
Take a screenshot of the whole screen as a fileCmd + Shift + 3
In Ref Keyboardshortcuts, take a screenshot of the whole screen and copy it to the clipboardPrtScr (Print Screen) or Ctrl + PrtScrCmd + Ctrl + Shift + 3
Create a screenshot of the window as a fileCmd + Shift + 4, then Space
Take the screenshot of the window and paste it to the clipboardAlt + PrtScrCmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4, then Space
Take a screenshot of the area you want and copy it to the clipboardCmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4
Create a file with a screenshot of the desired areaCmd + Shift + 4

Advice: Some shortcuts may be only compatible with some users due to different keyboard setups as it comes to Ref keyboardshortcuts.

Tip: Check out our HTML Page for more information about HTML.

Advantages of Using Shortcut keys in HTML

Shortcut keys can be incredibly beneficial when working with HTML. Here are some of the advantages of using shortcut keys in HTML:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Using shortcut keys allows you to perform tasks more quickly than using the mouse, ultimately increasing your productivity.
  2. Streamlined Workflow: Using shortcut keys can help you streamline your workflow by reducing the time it takes to perform repetitive tasks, such as copying and pasting.
  3. Improved Accuracy: Shortcut keys can improve the accuracy of your work, as you can execute tasks more precisely and with greater control.
  4. Consistency: Using shortcut keys can help you maintain consistency in your coding, as you can execute the same commands repeatedly without having to manually type them out each time.
  5. Reduced Strain: Using shortcut keys can reduce the strain on your hands and wrists by minimizing the need for mouse movement, which can help prevent repetitive strain injuries.
  6. Better Accessibility: Keyboard shortcuts are often more accessible than using a mouse or touchpad, making them a great option for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues.

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